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Sure, it does send email sequence. But there’s also A/B test, personalization, custom tracking domain, and more — like custom schedules, human-like sending, and email validation — that helps you convert your leads.

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1000+ Businesses use Saleshandy to  book more demos, meetings and get more trials

What Sets Saleshandy Apart From The Rest?

Email Deliverability

With a higher email deliverability rate, Saleshandy users get more emails land in the primary inbox. It helps them get more replies, meeting scheduled, and close deals faster.

Support and Success Team

We strive for the success of our customers. Our Customer support and Success team works round the clock to support SDRs. They help to setup and optimize email sequences, resolve email deliverability issues and achieve better results.

Minimalist Interface

Our customers love the simplicity and minimalistic interface of the Saleshandy. The ease of setting sequences with little to no training empowers SDRs to start prospecting as soon as they signup.

People love us

Very handy to make you have sales is god's secret code for the brand name Saleshandy
Saleshandy - the key is in it's name, a truly handy tool for anyone working in sales
Saleshandy changed the game for me. It changed my prospecting process dramatically.
Powerful tool - Great ROI
Ability to create a sequence of emails on a consistent basis. The sequences are powerful tools to stay connected to your customers.
Never Seen so powerful and User friendly tool in my career. It has been a great benefit to our business. I would recommend using this tool as it is a user friendly and very simple to use.
A no-nonsense tool that delivers what you need. Very fluid user experience, not at all cluttered like other tools. In short, the learning curve of this platform is minimal.

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